Falsificación - ¡NO!

In September 2017, the "BelBrand" Association launched its project: "Legal Trade – Safe World". One of the stages of the project is the contest of creative works in the field of sciences, literature, visual and decorative arts and video pieces with the aim to develop the negative attitude towards illegal trade and counterfeit products in the society.

The detailed conditions of the contest and information about the stages of the project "Legal Trade – Safe World" can be found in the project website kontrafaktunet.com. The aim of the contest is to develop and popularize innovative approaches to educating in young people the negative attitude to counterfeited and pirated products, and the understanding of possible negative economic and social consequences of illegal trade.

The contest is held from October 20, 2017, to August 15, 2018, in 2 stages:

Stage 1 – Presentation of contest works in the pro-ject website and at the events organized by the "BelBrand" Association, and evaluation by the jury of experts;

Stage 2 – Internet voting (in social network ac-counts of the "BelBrand" Association) under a special category "Best project by outcomes of Internet voting" in the field of sciences, literature, design, video, visual and decorative arts." The Internet voting will be held on five works, preliminarily selected by the jury in each of the age categories and each spheres (literature, design, video, visual and decorative arts).

The work manuscripts, electronic versions and photocopies of con-test works, as well as links to video materials are accepted until June 30, 2018, after the registration in the official website of the contest at kontrafaktunet.com.

The contest outcomes will be published on the website of the project and the "BelBrand" Association. The finalists and winners will be awarded memorable signs, diplomas and prizes of the "BelBrand" Association. The finalists will also have an opportunity to present their works at the Eurasian International Festival of Cultures (in September 2018).